Love the re-purpose ideas that circulate around the web.  Simple things that I don't want to throw away and don't know how to use them instead of their original purpose.  Collecting the ideas, and sometimes I do use the ideas, sometimes I don't yet think they're clever enough to collect.

To get started, and in time this page will grow with collected ideas, perhaps I'll develop a weekly update of re-purposed ideas.

At Our Old Homestead she offers this idea for a way to organize scarves using simple shower curtain hooks strung together to create loops, hung from core hanger.  Since I have a lot of scarves, I'm on the look for ways to show them off while having some sense of an organized scarf collection.   This could just as well be a Skinflint idea or an Organize The Mess idea, and because there could easily be overflow of ideas from one category to the next, my efforts will be somewhat experimental as to what pages to place the ideas and links.

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