Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A time to return

It's all the thing right now in the shadow of economic crash, blogs and websites with content on living within your means, stretching resources, making what you have go further.   It's also a whole new generation of younger people who are making their way for the first time, and living with a changing paradigm from their parents economic understandings when there was a much more prosperous middle class bubble.  It's young people rediscovering what became almost lost skills from times past when people did live more on less.

For myself, born into a prosperous middle class era of the 1950's, (albeit lower economic level of the then middle class), I was a teen coming of age in the 1960's in what was then another social paradigm shift.   The back to the land movement,  young people looking for a more altruistic way to live conscientiously in accord with Mother Earth.  While I did not homestead in  a back to the land manner, I was greatly influenced by my peers efforts.  I saw myself as a young 1970's wife and mother leaning towards what was then thought to be a more wholesome way to live life.

A few decades passed, and here we are into the 21st century, and learning or re-learning lost skills, revisiting retired skills, reviving a way of life more familiar to grandparent's generation.  For purposes of this blog, I want more to collect and share ideas others are enthusiastically sharing.  It's not my intent to offer content that is new or news, rather to gather what are or have been useful ideas for me that I have either used or can get excited about using again or can use for the first time in delight given the stigma of being frugal, pinching pennies, living in accord with Mother Earth,  (sustainable, eco-green, organic), back to basics are in vogue.

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